Schedule a meeting

How to invite to a meeting in Thunderbird with Lightning installed.

Creating a meeting in the calendar

Go to the calendar.

Select  'Event'


Select 'Invite Attendees'

Invite Attendees

Enter the attendees, select a suitable time and book a boom

Please note that to book a room, you need to invite the room the same way you invite persons. You'll need to know the name of the room you want to book. When you start typing the room name, your calendar will look it up in the address book, the same way it does for persons. 

For external attendees you can enter their e-mail address to send an invitation, but you can not see when they have free or busy time (since external attendees are not in our Exchange)


Switch between selections

To toggle between the choices of person / resource (required / optional participation, room / person) you may click the corresponding icon.

You find an overview of what the icons mean at the bottom of the window.

Icons in scheduler

Fill in the agenda and other information

Then click  Save and Close

New Event

Confirmation of room booking

You will within a short time receive feedback from the room that it has accepted the meeting (if the room was available)

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