Viewing another person's calendar

Often we want to view another person's calendar to see when he or she is free or busy or whether the person is on vacation, out of office or in a meeting.

To open another person's calendar in Thunderbird, follow the intstructions below.

Go to calendar

In the guide setup of Thunderbird you can see how to add our own calendar in Thunderbird. 

To add another person calendar is very similar.

If you already have an (as yourself) Exchange-calendar, right-click this and select 'Exchange Clone Settings'

Give the calendar a suitable name, and  replace your username with the other person's under 'Primary email address'

Username should still be your own username, since this is what you use to authenticate against Exchange.

Exchange Clone Settings

Select 'Check server and mailbox'

Exchange Clone Settings

And you are finished!

The long and cumbersome way

Right-click a calendar and select New Calendar from the context menu.


A calendar on the network:

On the Network

Select Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange

Give the calendar a suitable name

OBS! do not connect it to an e-mail.

Create New Calendar

Fill in like yourself, but replace your username with the other person's:

If you do not know the username, you can find this by searching for the person at the UiO website.

Create New Calendar

Select 'Perform autodiscovery'

Perform Autodiscovery

You will be asked for your password and must select the Exchange server - similar to when you set up for yourself

Now you can see the other person's calendar:

Andres kalender

Kalenderen vil ha en hengelås ved siden av seg for å vise at du bare har tilgang til å lese denne.

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