Add the address book from Exchange in Thunderbird

Although LDAP is well suited to search for email addresses for UiO users, it is very handy to have your Exchange addresses available in Thunderbird. Then contacts from mobile and other handheld devices will be available and you will get access to rooms in Exchange.

1. Start by going to Address Book

If you do not have a shortcut key to your Address Book you can find it under Tools.


2. Select  'Add Exchange contact folder'

You will now see the following window:

Exchange Contact Settings

Give the address book a suitable name.

We will use autodiscovery to find information and fill in the e-mail address in the form: <username>

Fill in your UiO username og domain name ( og velg 'Perform autodiscovery'

3. You will now be prompted for a password:

Password box

Some experience that this box comes up twice.

4. Select (should be the only choice)

EWS Server list

5. Search will give results from the Global Address List

It often takes a couple of minutes before this works.

Søk mot gloal adresseliste

Published Mar. 5, 2014 2:12 PM - Last modified Oct. 11, 2016 10:12 AM