UiO e-mail and calendar in Thunderbird

Many Linux users can use Evolution for for e-mail and calendar. If that works, it is a very good solution. Thundebird is the solution we have found which should work for all Linux users. Thunderbird, with the add-on Lightning, gives you an integrated e-mail and calendar solution.  

2018-09-10 It looks like the EWS plugin/add-on doesn't work with the newest version of Thunderbird (version 60).

Setting up Thunderbird with Exchange

If this is the first time you launch Thunderbird you will be greeted with the following screen:


Select "Skip this and use my existing email"

Mail Account Setup

Now enter your name. Then enter your e-mail address in the form <username>@ mail.uio.no. Finish with your password.

Mail Account Setup


Thunderbird will probably fail to find settings automatically:

Account Setup

Correct the server name to be mail.uio.no (IMAP) and smtp.uio.no (SMTP) and select Re-test

The settings should then look like this, if not change them:

Account Setup OK

Add add-ons in Thunderbird

We now need to add the add-ons Lightning and EWS Exchange Provider
Lightning is found by going to Tools - > Add- Ons - > Get Add- ons
Enter Lightning, and install it.

Installer Lightning

Exchange EWS Provider

To install this one, we'll need to download the newest XPI-file from Github.

Select the latest (do not stack) . II have tested with 3.2.0 Beta 76 (worked ) and 3.1.3 ( Stable, does not work with our Exchange version (Exchange 2013))
Next to the search field in Thunderbird Add-ons Manager is a tool menu (button ). Click this, and select 'Install Add-on From File ... ". Select the file you downloaded:

Install Add-on From File

Configure Lightning to sync with Exchange

After giving Thunderbird a reboot to activate the add-ons, we are now ready to add the Exchange calendar in Lightning.

Go to the calendar, right-click on the local calendar (usually called 'Home'), and select "New Calendar ..." from the context menu.

A wizard starts.

In the first menu select 'On the Network':

Create New Calendar

Select Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013

If 2013 is mentioned, you probably have an older version of EWS. Check if there is a newer one available!

Create new Calendar

Give the calendar a name and default color:

name and color choice

Enter e-mail address (on the form <username>@mail.uio.no) and username (on the form <username> and enter the Domain Name uio.no) Then you select 'Use the Exchange 's auto discovery function '

The correct server URL is https://mail.uio.no/ews/exchange.asmx

Use autodiscovery

Enter your password:

Enter password

Select server:

EWS server list:

Re-enter your pasword:

Enter password

You now receive settings:

Konfigurasjon OK

And you're finished!

Published Mar. 5, 2014 2:12 PM - Last modified Sep. 10, 2018 4:58 PM