UiO e-mail and calendar in Thunderbird

Many Linux users can use Evolution for for e-mail and calendar. If that works, it is a very good solution. Thundebird is the solution we have found which should work for all Linux users. Thunderbird, with the add-on Lightning, gives you an integrated e-mail and calendar solution.  

Setting up Thunderbird with Exchange

If this is the first time you launch Thunderbird you will be greeted with the following screen:


Select "Skip this and use my existing email"

Mail Account Setup

Now enter your name. Then enter your e-mail address in the form <username>@ mail.uio.no. Finish with your password.

Mail Account Setup


Thunderbird will probably fail to find settings automatically:

Account Setup

Correct the server name to be mail.uio.no (IMAP) and smtp.uio.no (SMTP) and select Re-test

The settings should then look like this, if not change them:

Account Setup OK

Add add-ons in Thunderbird

We now need to add the add-ons Lightning and EWS Exchange Provider
Lightning is found by going to Tools - > Add- Ons - > Get Add- ons
Enter Lightning, and install it.

Installer Lightning

Exchange EWS Provider

To install this one, we'll need to download it from 1st-setup

Select the latest (do not stack) . II have tested with 3.2.0 Beta 76 (worked ) and 3.1.3 ( Stable, does not work with our Exchange version (Exchange 2013))
Next to the search field in Thunderbird Add-ons Manager is a tool menu (button ). Click this, and select 'Install Add-on From File ... ". Select the file you downloaded:

Install Add-on From File

Configure Lightning to sync with Exchange

After giving Thunderbird a reboot to activate the add-ons, we are now ready to add the Exchange calendar in Lightning.

Go to the calendar, right-click on the local calendar (usually called 'Home'), and select "New Calendar ..." from the context menu.

A wizard starts.

In the first menu select 'On the Network':

Create New Calendar

Select Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013

If 2013 is mentioned, you probably have an older version of EWS. Check if there is a newer one available!

Create new Calendar

Give the calendar a name and default color:

name and color choice

Enter e-mail address (on the form <username>@mail.uio.no) and username (on the form <username> and enter the Domain Name uio.no) Then you select 'Use the Exchange 's auto discovery function '

The correct server URL is https://mail.uio.no/ews/exchange.asmx

Use autodiscovery

Enter your password:

Enter password

Select server:

EWS server list:

Re-enter your pasword:

Enter password

You now receive settings:

Konfigurasjon OK

And you're finished!

Published Mar. 5, 2014 2:12 PM - Last modified Oct. 11, 2016 10:13 AM