Closing down e-mail accounts

This document contains information about what happens to the e-mail account when a UiO user account is terminated.

Your UiO user account  is closely related to your e-mail account

When you are no longer registered as an active student or no longer working at the University, your user account will be closed down in three steps. These three steps will also affect your e-mail account:

  • Your account is quarantined, which means that you can no longer log in. This also applies to your e-mail account.
  • There will be taken backup of your account - also of all e-mail.
  • When your UiO user account is removed, your e-mail account will be deleted at the same time

What to consider before your account is closed down

Archive / copy saved e-mail

Be sure to save all e-mail messages you want to keep for later.


If you set up forwarding before the account is blocked, then it will work even if the account is closed down. We also guarantee that forwarding is active for at least 180 days after your  e-mail / user account is deleted.

When you set ut forwarding for an account that will soon be closed, it is not recommended to check for "Keep local copy". When you lose access to your email account, you will no longer be able to delete / clean up your e-mail account.

Help! My account is already disabled / deleted

Access to blocked account

If you remember the password to your UiO account, it is possible to have the quarantine / blocking temporarily cancelled for a few days. Then you can set up forwarding and eventually retrieve your e-mail messages.

Access to deleted account

It is possible to request to receive a copy of the email that was stored in the the e-mail system when the account was deleted. You may also request changes in your settings for forwarding.

Published Mar. 12, 2014 3:03 PM