Settings for junk mail / spam

Many people find that spam or junk mail is a major problem. The UiO has made ​​some filters that you should be able to protect you from spam. 

Spam Settings 

On the e-mail tab in User Info (Nor: Brukerinfo), the UiO self service user administration application, there is a sub-page called "Spam Settings". There are two settings you can make here that affects how e-mail is processed before it reaches your inbox: 

Spam Level 

When the UiO e-mail servers receive e-mail, we provide a spam score based on how likely it is that the e-mail is spam. You can filter e-mail as spam based on these points. At this point in the process the e-mails are marked. What will happen to them later, is determined by your choice of Spam action (see the next section). 
There are four settings for marking spam in User Info: 
  • Filter everything that resembles spam: This markes most messages as spam. With this setting, there is a danger that legitimate messages may be marked as spam. 
  • Filter most emails that looks like spam: It is unlikely that legitimate e-mails will be marked as spam.  
  • Only filter email that obviously is spam: Legitimate e-mail will not be marked as spam. 
  • No email will be filtered as spam: With this option you must determine whether an e-mail is spam or not.. 
It is important to note that the higher the spam filtering level you set, the higher the probability that the e-mails that are not spam also being taken by your spam filter. We therefore ask that the level of "Mark all messages that are similar to spam" is used with caution, and that it not be used together with the "Reject messages marked as spam" (see below). 

Spam action

  • Reject messages classified as spam: Messages are rejected and you will not see them. 
  • Deliver spam to a separate folder: The messages arrive to your mail, but is placed in a separate spam folder. 
  • Deliver spam just like legitimate e-mail: Messages arrive in your inbox, but marked as spam. You must delete or move messages yourself. 
We recommend that you set the processing to "Move spam messages to a separate spam folder". You can then go to the folder once in a while and check that no important e-mail has ended up there by mistake. If you use the "Reject messages marked as spam", you should not use the Spam level option "Filter everything that resembles spam" (see above). If you do this, you will in all probability reject legitimate email. 

More spam settings 

We also offer two additional filters which can be useful: 


Greylisting ("Delay messages from unknown servers") is a spam filtering method that works by ensuring that all e-mails from unknown recipients are rejected temporarily. Legitimate mail servers will always try to send e-mail again, while spam senders rarely have the capacity to do so. Thus, legitimate e-mails from unknown senders arrive with a slight delay, while spam will not arrive. 


UiOonly ("Only accept the use of an University address as sender address on the UiO network, or when using authenticated SMTP") means that the mail server (the server) does not accept e-mail that says it comes from you (ie your address) unless you have authenticated yourself. Activate this to make it harder to fake your e-mail address. 
Published Aug. 12, 2014 1:05 PM - Last modified Jan. 30, 2017 9:56 AM