New e-mail and calendar at UiO

What's going on?

Since March 2014, the UiO e-mail users have been moved to our new e-mail system. Almost all users have been moved (by July 2014), but some still remain in the old system. All new users have accounts for the new system. All users which will be moved, receive advance notice. See full client recommendations for Windows, Mac and Linux.

What about me?

  • You'll have access to good help pages on the web

  • All your e-mail will be transferred to the new system

  • All your calendar entries will be transferred to the new system

  • The improvements with the new system should be quite noticeable!

Are you set to go?

Are you curious about what actually happens the day you start using the new e-mail system? Do you want to prepare for"Day 1"?

Click here to see step-by-step instructions for the big day.


When IT users at the University was asked what could simplify their everyday life, many replied that they want a solution where they have access to e-mail, meetings and appointments and room booking from the same program. A thorough investigation of several options was started, with surveys, in-depth interviews and extensive research. And this is the result: The University is transitioning to use the widely used Microsoft Exchange platform. For most users this means starting to use Outlook for e-mail, calendar and room booking.


If you have questions, comments or contributions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to