Filters for automatic sorting

Automatically sorting your e-mails to different folders may be a good way to organize your e-mails. You can do this by creating filters to sort your messages.

There are two ways to sort your messages:

  1. Filtering on the server (filter created in Webmail - OWA): 
    Filters for sorting on the server you create in the Webmail (OWA) regardless of which email program you use. The messages are filtered at the mail server before they are brought to the e-mail program on your computer. This is more convenient because sorting is independent of the program you use to read / send email. The messages are sorted in the same way when reading e-mail from your computer at work or on the campus, in webmail, on mobile / iPad or from your home computer.

    If you want all filters to run on the server, you should create them in Webmail (OWA). It is important that you do not edit filters from both the program on your computer and webmail. Choose whether you want local filters that filters e-mail only on the one computer where you create them, or if you want filters that filter already on the email server and provide equal sorting on all devices.
  2. Local filtering (filters created in your email program): 
    If you want to sort the messages locally, you can create filters in your email application on your computer, such as Outlook, Mail or Evolution. Such local filters will only work on the computer they are created, and e-mail will not be sorted if you read e-mail from webmail, mobile device or another computer.

User's guides for how to create filters:

Published Jan. 29, 2014 1:55 PM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2020 5:14 PM