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Automatically sorting email in Thunderbird

Sorting, or filtering, your email messages into different folders provides overview and helps you keep track of messages. You can sort your e-mail in two different ways: at the server level or locally in Thunderbird.

1. Filtering at the server (filers created in webmail - OWA):

This is the recommended method for sorting/filtering email. You set up filtering at the server by creating a filter in the webmail service

By creating email filters in webmail (OWA), the messages are filtered on the mail server before they available in Thunderbird. This is more convenient because sorting is independent of the program you use to read / send email.The messages are sorted in the same way regardless of whether you read email via the webmail service, Thunderbird, home computer or mobile devices.

2. Local sorting (filters in Thunderbird)

If you want to sort the messages to Thunderbird's local folders in your home directory (M:), you have to set up filtering locally in Thunderbird. Note that local sorting in Thunderbird will only be performed when Thunderbird starts up and / or is running.

To set up local filters in Thunderbird that filters e-mail only on one computer / device at a time, follow the instructions below:

1.  In the top menu, select Tools → Message Filters.

 Viser hvor Filter ligger i Tools menyen

2.  Press New... to create a new filter.

3. Enter a Filter name and create the rule to sort the messages by.  For example if you want to capture all messages with a specific word in the Subject field, then select Subject in the first drop-down list and contains in the next drop-down list. In the field to the right you type the word you want to find in the Subject field.

If you want the filter to hit several rules you press the plus sign, create the new rule and select Match all of the following instead.

Innstillinger i filter

4. Then select what to do with the messages captured by the filter, and how these messages should be archived.

make filter dialog

Create a filter from a message

This is done by clicking the right mouse button on the To: field of a message. You will then enter the Message Filters window where you can see and edit the filter.

Lag rt filter fra en melding

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