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Set up Thunderbird

The guide shows how to set up Thunderbird at UiO.

Some Linux users may use Evolution for integrated email and calendar. Where it works, it is the best solution.

Set up email in Thunderbird

Automatic setup of e-mail

When starting Thunderbird for the first time, enter:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your e-mail address on the form
  3. Your UiO password

We advise you not to store the password in Thunderbird.

Finish with Continue.

Thunderbird will now try to set up your email account automatically for you. If it should fail, you must set it up yourself by clicking Configure manually.

Manual setup of e-mail

  • The protocol for receiving e-mail is IMAP with port 143, STARTTLS and the authentication method is Normal password. Finish with your username.
  • Enter in hostname, with port 587, STARTTLS and the authentication protocol Normal password. Finish with your username.
  • Press the Re-test button to test the setup and finish with Done.

Add signature to outgoing email

  • Click Add a signature in the Account Setup window.
  • Enter the desired signature in the Signature text field.
  • Close the window to save the outgoing e-mail signature.

Set up calendar and address book in Thunderbird

Add add-ons to Thunderbird

From the menu at the top right, select Add-ons and Themes. In the Add-ons Manager, search for and add:

  • TbSync
  • Provider for Exchange ActiveSync

Configure TbSync and Provider for Exchange ActiveSync

In the Add-ons Manager, go to Extensions.

Click the Wrench icon to set up TBSync.

Go to Account actions and select first Add new account and then Exchange ActiveSync.

Select Custom configuration and enter UiO-Exchange as Account name, your username in the form, and your UiO password. Finish with Add account and then enable the Enable and synchronize this account option.

Select what you want to sync under Available resources, such as Contacts, Calendar and Tasks.

Define how often you want it to sync to Exchange in the Periodic synchronization (in minutes) field and finish with Synchronize now.

Before closing TBSync account manager, go to the Options tab and make sure the Include results from global address book (GAL) in email autocompletion option is enabled.

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