UiO Program kiosk

This is a web based service giving you access to office, statistics and specialized applications. The service is available to all students and employees at Oslo University. 

UiO Program Kiosk is is also meant for home use. If you need to access or edit your documents from home or need to access publications that are only available on the UiO network.

The UiO Program kiosk is available on all platforms:

Log in on the
UiO Program kiosk


Software requirements:

Windows 7:

No extra requirements

Windows XP:

Windows Vista:

To start the Program kiosk:

  • Open a newer version of Internet Exploerer and go to: https://kiosk.uio.no
  • Install the ActiveX component as required

  • Log on with your UiO username and password


After you've logged on you will get access to a variety of applications. Excacly what applications you have are defined by group memberships. A complete list of applications and required memberships can be found here

Sertificate warning

On first access you might get a sertificate warning. Select "Don't ask me again for remote connections from this publisher" and press "Connect" and the warning is gone for good. 


UiO Program Kiosk supports printing to a local printer. Even your USB-printer at home, as long as its not to old. If you use Windows XP or Vista you need to install at least .NET 3.5. .Net Framwork can be downloaded here. Local IT support can help you install if needed. 


Some printers need an XPS driver installed, especially HP-printers. Check manufaturers website for XPS drivers. 

Programs directly on the Start Menu

The UiO Program Kiosk also supports "web feed". This allows for all the programs to be visible directly in your start menu without the need to open a web page. 


This is only supported on Windows 7!

To set it up, do the following:

  • Press the Start button and write "remoteapp" in the search field
  • Choose "Set up a new connection with..."

  • Enter the webfeed-url, https://kiosk.uio.no/rdweb/feed/webfeed.aspx, and press "Next" twice.
  • Home computer users will be asked for a username and password. Enter "uio\username" and your usual password. 
  • If everything went as planned you will now find all your programs under "Start -> Remoteapp and Desktop Connections".

Known problems

You are required to enter username and password constantly

Download the latest version of the program (links at the top)

Printing to local printer fails

HP's P11xx series printers need to download XPS drivers for them to work. If needed, download XPS drivers

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