Windows applications for MacOSX and Linux

To enable MacOSX and Redhat Enterprise Linux user access to Windows software we've set up the server cluster.

To connect to from Linux we recommend using FreeRdp.

For MacOSX user we recomend CoRD. 



FreeRdp is available trough the Yum repository for UiO for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6. You can install it by using the following command:

sudo yum install freerdp

This requires that you have sudo access to your computer. Information og sudo and UNIX on UiO can be found here (/


FreeRdp is opened in a termial window using the following command. You can of course make your own shortcut on the desktop or "Applications"-menu. This example shows how to connect to

xfreerdp -g 1280x1024 -u username -d uio

Note that -g stands for geometry, and decides the size of your window. This can of course be set to your personal preference. Change "username" to your UiO username. 



For MacOSX user we recommend using CoRD. This is an OpenSoure project based on "rdesktop". We do not recomment Remote Desktop Client version 1.0.3 due to lack of support for newer OSX versions. Version 2.0.1 and 2.1 of the client has problems with Norwegian Keyboards. But if you use an english keyboard we recommend using the newest version from Microsoft. 

CoRD is expected to be part of the UiO program portfolio for MAC ("Managed program distribution") soon, but until that happens you can download it here.


The quickest way to connect is of course using the "Quick Connect" option. Just enter "" in the Quick Connect window and press enter. You will den log on to the server with 1024x768 resolution. 

If you want a different resolution, enter the Preferences menu and change the default settings.

You can also save the server for later us by opening the "Servers"-tab and pressing the "+" button.

Just fill in the required information and you are good to go!


Published May 6, 2011 11:06 AM - Last modified Apr. 1, 2019 1:08 PM