Remote Desktop from Linux

The easiest way to access other computers, like your office computer, is to use eller UiO Programkiosk.

RDP with FreeRDP 


Install FreeRDP

FreeRDP is a free and open implementation of the RDP protocol. Install it on your computer as normal.


$ sudo apt-get install freerdp-x11

Fedora and RedHat

$ sudo yum install freerdp

To connect

All RDP must go through the gateway Use your normal UiO password. You will be asked for your password twice; one time for the portal and one time for the server you want to connect to (in the example, it is:

Some Linux distributions have newer versions of Freerdp in theis packet handler. In version 1.0.2 yuo can connect using

$ xfreerdp -u brukernavn -g

For newer versiions you must use the following (/gt:rpc is for using correct authetication for

$ xfreerdp /u:brukernavn / / /gt:rpc
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