Remote Desktop from Mac

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop from App Store

We recommend that you use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to your UiO computer. The Microsoft Remote Desktop software is free, and you download it from The App Store (the Norwegian App Store)..

Create a connection file

To help you with the connection, we have made a web page where you can create a connection file for the Remote Desktop connection. This is how you use it:

  1. Go to the page for creating a connection file.
  2. Fill in the name of your office computer in the Navn på kontormaskin box. NOTE. This is the name of the computer you wish to connect to – your computer at the UiO – not the computer connect from.   
    • If you do not know the name of your office computer, please contact your local IT staff. If you are preparing while at your office computer, you can go to the page where you create a connection file and click the Denne maskinen button. You'll then see the name of your computer. Make a note of the name, and use it when creating a connection file from your home computer or laptop.
  3. Enter your user name in the Brukernavn box.
  4. Select a screen resolution. We recommend Fullscreen.

  5. Click the Generer fil button. Save the file to the desktop or another location where you are sure you can easily access it. The file itself is called "".

Make sure that the file opens with Microsoft Remote Desktop

Locate the file. From now on, this file is your shortcut to remote connections to the UiO computer. To be sure that is works, you need to be certain that the file opens Microsoft Remote Desktop. Set Åpne med to Microsoft Remote Desktop for the file. Do it like this:

a) Right-click the connection file, and select Vis info from the drop-down menu.



b) If the menu object Åpne med shows Cord or anotherprogram which is not Microsoft Remote Desktop, click the drop-down menu Åpne med, ans select Microsoft Remote Desktop. This is what the menu should look like:



c) All such connection files should be opened with Microsoft Remote Desktop. to make sure this happpens, click Endre alle under Åpne med. Click Fortsett in the confirmation dialogue which opens. Microsoft Remote Desktop will from now on be the default program to open files of this type. Close the Vis info window.



Connect to your computer

The connection file will from now on be your shortcut to Remote Desctop connections to your office computer. The next time you wish to use your office computer remotely, simply double-click the connection file. 

1. double-click the connection file. A window with the text Connecting opens, and after a while you'll be asked for your password. Make sure that it is your user name in the dialouge, and that it is written with uio/ in front of it. Enter your UiO password, and click OK



2. It is possible that you'll be asked to accept a certificate. Click Continue, and in a minute you'll be connected to your office computer.



Known errors

If you get this error, your office computer has not been prepared for Remote Desktop connections. Contact your local IT staff to get help.



Published June 22, 2015 3:04 PM - Last modified Feb. 23, 2021 2:04 PM