Remote Desktop from Windows

Create a connection file

To help you with the connection, we have made a web page where you can create a connection file for the Remote Desktop connection. This is how you use it:

  1. Go to the page for creating a connection file.
  2. Fill in the name of your office computer in the Navn på kontormaskin box. NOTE. This is the name of the computer you wish to connect to – your computer at the UiO – not the computer connect. Insert it in this form
    • If you do not know the name of your office computer, please contact your local IT staff. If you are preparing while at your office computer, you can go to the page where you create a connection file and click the Denne maskinen button. You'll then see the name of your computer. Make a note of the name, and use it when creating a connection file from your home computer or laptop.
  3. Enter your user name in the Brukernavn box.
  4. Select a screen resolution. We recommend Fullscreen.

  5. Click the Generer fil button. Save the file to the desktop or another location where you are sure you can easily access it. The file itself is called "".


Connecting to your office computer

Find the connection file in your Downloads folder, and place it somewhere it is easily accessable, on the desktop, for instance. The connection file will from now on be your shortcut to Remote Desctop connections to your office computer. The next time you wish to use your office computer remotely, simply double-click the connection file. 

1. double-click the connection file. You'll see a message abour unknown publisher. Remote computer should be the name of your office somputer, and Gateway server should be ''. Click Connect to continue.


2. In the security window, pleasae make sure that your user name is correct and that the computers you log on to, are: 


2. Your office computer

Enter your password, and click OK.


3. In most cases you will be asked whether or not you wish to connect to an unverified computer. Click Yes to continue, and select 'Don't ask me again for connections to this computer'. The desktop of your office computer should now appear and you are connected.


Known errors

Computer not configured

If you get this error message, your office computer is not configured for Remote Desktop connections. Contact your local IT staff


Computer is off

If your computer does not answer, the window below will not close. This means that the computer is off and no connection can be made. Next time you leave your office, make sure that you do not turn off your computer, or contact your local IT staff.


Remote Desktop contains old settings

If your computer is trying to establish a connection, but can't, the attempt will time out. The reason could be old settings on your computer. If you get a message saying that the connection attempt timed out or you don't proceed fron the "Connecting ..." screen, you could try the following to delete old settings: 

1.  Open Remote Desktop Connection from the Start menu or by using the Search box in the Start menu.  

2.  Click Show options.










3. Cllick the Advanced tab in the new dialogue.


4. Click Settings under Connect from anywhere.

















5. If your user name is already filled in under Logon settings, click delete in the sentence "You can edit or delete these credentials." The old logon settings will be deleted, and you can return to the page for generating a connection file. Generate the new connection file, and double click it to connect to your office computer. 
















Published June 12, 2015 1:52 PM - Last modified Feb. 23, 2021 2:04 PM