UiO Programkiosk on Mac and Linux

  • For easy use, without using statistics applications, local printers or copy/paste, log in to UiO Programkiosk from OS X and Linux by clicking the read login button on the UiO Programkiosk front page.
  • For more demanding use from OS X and Linux, including statistics applications, local printers and copy/paste, follow the instructions on this page. Download VMWare Horizon here or install it via Managed Software Center on a MacOSX.

Installing VMWare Horizon on Mac

  1. Search for "Managed Software Center" in Spotlight.

  1. Find "VMWare Horizon Client for Mac", and click install.


Connect to UiO Programkiosk from VMWare Horizon

  1. Find VMWare Horizon Client with Spotlight.

  1. Enter the name of the connection server, which is view.uio.no. Click Connect.

  1. Fill in your UiO username and password.

  1. You should now be connected and have access to a variety of programs.

Alternative setup (demands admin rights)

  1. Choose Install on the UiO Programkiosk front page.

  1. Choose the download for the operating system that you are using.


  1. Agree to the end user lisence agreement.

  1. If you are using OS X, copy the program into the applications folder.

Installing with Linux

Download a bundle file. Run it from terminal as root.

    sudo sh VMware-Horizon-Client-3*.x64.bundle

    Follow the wizard and finish the install.

    Published May 31, 2016 12:18 PM - Last modified June 16, 2016 9:22 AM