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Setting up your iPhone/iPad with eduroam

The tutorial shows you how to connect with eduroam on the wireless network at the University of Oslo with an iPhone or iPad.

Go to SettingsWi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi on.

At the University we have 4 wireless network zones available, and you should choose the zone eduroam:

Choose the Wi-Fi Network eduroam

Authenticate with your username (on the form username@institution.domain) and password:

Wi-Fi: Enter Password

To be able to use the wireless zone eduroam, you must also accept that a certificate is added to your device:

Wi-Fi: Accept Certificate

Make sure that the certificate is provided by the servers or

Connected to the wireless zone eduroam

You should now be connected to the wireless zone eduroam at the University.

Published May 18, 2011 03:07 PM