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Straight to the Zoom waiting room

On Sunday September 27th, there will be a change in Zoom. The change is from Zoom canrally, and is not a UiO setting. The change is that meetings that are not password protected (have a passcode) will have a waiting room whether you want to or not.

At the UiO, password protection (use of passcode) has been a pre-selected default setting for over a month, so hopefully the new setting from Zoom will not "trap" many meeting participants in waiting rooms. Use of passcode is the recommended setting at UiO.


What does that mean for me?

For meetings that already use a passcode or waiting room, no changes occur, but if you have a meeting where neither of these two security settings has been used, the meeting participants will be sent to a waiting room, where they will have to wait to be admitted.

  • If you are a host for meetings that already have a passcode or waiting room, you will not notice the change.
  • If you are a host for meetings that do not have a passcode or waiting room, these meetings will have a waiting room from 27 September, and you must let the participants from the waiting room in, in order for them to enter the meeting.
  • If you are a meeting participant who ends up in a waiting room, you will be let in. If it takes time, you can contact the person who called the meeting and point out that he/she must let the participants in from the waiting room. Feel free to submit a link to this article.

It is easy to let participants in from the waiting room: You as host or co-host receive a message on the screen that someone is in the waiting room, and you can click on a button to let individual participants in, or you can let everyone in at once. Here is an example of a message about people in the waiting room. Click on Admit to let the person in, click on remove, if the person is not to attend the meeting.

Read more about passcode and waiting room in the guide about how to avoid unwanted participants in your meetings.

Published Sep. 25, 2020 3:59 PM - Last modified Oct. 5, 2020 10:19 AM