Change in Zoom security setting

On Friday 14 August, there will be a small change in Zoom at UiO. It consists of that when you create a new meeting, whether it is a lecture or a meeting with many or few participants, the setting for the meeting to be password protected will be pre-selected

The setting for password protection will be pre-selected, and in addition, the termniology in Zoom is changed so that “password” are only used for passwords for logging in to Zoom, while the new term "Passcode" will be used for the security setting that was previously called password (for restricting access to meetings).

Passcode is pre-selected

When you create a meeting, the planning window will look like this:

Passcode is pre-selected and everyone who is to attend the meeting must either have a link where the passcode is included in the link, or they must have the passcode and meeting ID stated in the e-mail or in the meeting notice. The setting is not locked, so you can choose to use the waiting room instead.

The introduction of a pre-selected passcode is a security measure initiated by Zoom, so that good security for all meetings is standard.

Zoom creates the URL with the passcode of the summons, and also shows you the meeting ID and passcode separately in the meeting summons that is generated. For example, a URL with a passcode looks like this. Meeting participants who click on such a link enter the meeting directly.

What does that mean for me?

This is just a small change, which will have no practical significance - apart from the fact that all meetings created after 14 August will be protected from outsiders, and that a URL with a passcode will be given to those who will participate. URL with passcode is created by Zoom and can be found in the meeting notice.

  • Note: If you make any changes to meetings / recurring meetings you have created before August 14, which do not have a passcode or waiting room, a passcode will be automatically set at the meeting, and you must send out the meeting URL again. This only applies if changes are made to the meeting / meeting order, for example changing times or the like.

A bigger change is coming

The reason for this simple change is that it prepares us for a major change coming from Zoom: From 27 September, all meetings must have either a passcode or a waiting room. Meetings that are on Zoom on the day of September 27, but do not have a passcode or waiting room, will have the waiting room added automatically. In other words, meetings that did not previously have security settings will have a waiting room on 27 September.

What does the change in September mean to me?

  • If you are a host for meetings that already have a passcode or waiting room, you will not notice the change.
  • If you are a host (host) for meetings created before 14 August that do not have a passcode or waiting room, these meetings will have a waiting room from 27 September, and you must let the participants from the waiting room in, in order for them to enter the meeting.

It is easy to let participants in from the waiting room: You as host or co-host receive a message on the screen that someone is in the waiting room, and you can click on a button to let individual participants in, or you can let everyone in at once. Here is an example of a message about people in the waiting room. Click on Admit to let the person in, click on remove, if the person is not to attend the meeting.

Read more about passcode and waiting room in the guide about how to avoid unwanted participants in your meetings.

Published Aug. 13, 2020 1:47 PM - Last modified Aug. 13, 2020 1:48 PM