Regular print on printer with card reader

When you have set up printer queues and registered your card, it is simple to print on printers with card reader.

This way of printing saves paper by not printing the extra frontpage sheet and avoids others reading through your documents or mistakenly taking them.

Here is how you print normally:

1. Open the document you wish to print, and choose "Print" or press CTRL+P.

2. Choose the printer queue you wish to send the document to. If you have chosen the new printer queue as the default printer, it will automatically be the chosen printer. If not, you click the printer name, "Change printer" or similar (it depends on the program you are printing from), and choose the printer queue in question:

  • If you printing on a HP printer, choose  \\pullprint\hp
  • If you printing on a Ricoh printer, choose \\pullprint\ricoh
  • If you printing on a Xerox printer, choose \\pullprint\xerox

3. Click on the Print button in the dialogue box.
The dialogue box will look different depending on the program you are printing from and the operative system on your computer.

4. Find the card reader on the printer. It can be connected to the printer with a cable and look like this:

Or be integrated as in the picture below. Look for the SafeCom logo:

5. Place your card against the logo/card reader. Remove it when you hear a beep.

6. Now the option screen is shown. Press Pull Print. If the printer does not have a screen, the print will automatically be printed when you have beeped your card.

7. A list of the documents you have sent to print is shown. If you want to print all, choose Skriv ut alle. If you want to print one or less than all, press the documents you wish to print, and press Skriv ut. If you have sent documents you no longer need to print, select them and press Slett. If you delete the document this way, only the print is deleted, not the document on your computer. When you have printed and/or deleted your prints, press Tilbake

NB: If the printer does not have a screen, you may delete or hold back prints by logging in to the self service portal

8. When you press Tilbake, you are back at the options screen in Pullprint. Press Logg ut at the bottom right corner so that no one else gets access to your print documents.

Note: Documents that are not printed within 24 hours, will be deleted.

Published July 16, 2015 12:32 PM - Last modified Sep. 26, 2017 10:34 AM