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Pay for prints

Students at UiO pay for prints. As of now, it costs 0.8 norwegian kroner to print one sheet of paper.

Please note that if your portal page is in Norwegian, you can change the language used on the portal.

Students at UiO pay for prints. As of now, it costs 0.8 norwegian kroner to print one sheet of paper. Whether the print is only on one page or two, does not affect the price. There are separate rates for colour prints.

For every print, an amount is withdrawn from your print account, corresponding to the number of sheets in the print. If the account is empty, you will not be able to print. If the account is empty, or the balance is low, you can transfer more money into your account. Read more about how you can check your balance on your print account.

It is not possible to get your money back after they have been transferred to your print account. This also applies when leaving UiO.

How to fill up your print account

1. Go to, log in ad click on ePay. The fields for Name and E-mail will be prefilled with your information. Write in the amount you want to add to your account, in the Amount in NOK field. Click on the Accept button to continue.

2. When you have clicked the "Accept" button, you are forwarded to the nets application, a much used payment solution in Norway. The interface is in Norwegian only. "Brukersted" (place of usage) is The University of Oslo/Universitetet i Oslo, and the amount should be the same as the one you gave in the previous step. Choose the kind of card you want to use, and click Neste/Next.

3. Fill out your card number and other required information about the card you are going to use and click Betal (pay).

4. Choose if you want to confirm with BankID (chip), BankID on mobile or with an SMS code.

5. Confirm the payment with the chosen method in step 4, and you will be forwarded to the result page. If you now check the balance on your print account, you will see that the amount you chose has been deposited, and the available amount correspondingly increased.

Published July 16, 2015 12:32 PM - Last modified Sep. 26, 2017 10:34 AM