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Check balance on the print account, see history and prices

Please note that if your portal page is in Norwegian, you can change the language used on the portal.

In the Transactions category at, you can see how much you have on your print account, what you have printed out, and how much it costed.

Note: Employees do not pay for prints, so this category only apply to students.

  • Check balance on the print account

    • Go ut, log in and click on "Transactions". The amount you have available for printing, is shown in the upper right, above the printing history. If you have low balance and wish to increase it, you go to the ePay category at
  • See history and price of prints

    • Go to, log in and click on "Transactions". Names on the documents you have printed out, along with the date they were printed, is shown to the left. The price of each print is shown with a minus sign first in the "Verdi" (value) column. Deposits is shown without the minus sign.
Published July 16, 2015 12:32 PM - Last modified Jan. 7, 2022 1:57 PM