Printing from your phone or tablet (iPhone and iPads)

You can print from your iPhone/iPad on any of the University's printers. There are two printing solutions, depending on your device and where you need to print from.

Printing from your iPhone or from your iPad to one of the University's printers is quite easy, but the procedures might be different depending on if you have a UiO-owned device (or a device that is registered with us) and/or if you want to print from outside our wireless network (Eduroam). 



This document is a draft for a service that isn't released yet and might be inaccurate or describe functions yet to be released. The screenshots are darker as a beta version of iOS was used when testing, where a dark mode is available.


Printing while on-campus (i.e. connected to Eduroam)

1. Choose "Print" on the application you want to print from. For example, under Safari, tap on the "Share" button, and then choose "Print":

Share button on Safari
Share button on Safari

Choose Print

2. Make sure UiO Mobilprint is showing up as the printer. If it isn't showing, choose Select printer, wait until UiO Mobilprint shows up, and then tap on it to choose it.

3. Tap on Print at the upper part of the screen.

4. Retrieve your printed documents using your ID card at the printer. 

Printing from everywhere

If you have an UiO-owned device or if your device uses our Mobile office service, then the procedures above will work regardless of whether you are connected to Eduroam or not.

However, if you are printing from a device that is not serviced or owned by the University of Oslo, then please follow the procedures below to print. This will require the installation of an app that you will need to download from the App Store.

Search for the EveryonePrint app on the App Store and install it on your device.


Once installed, open EveryonePrint to configure it. 

Click on Settings on the lower part of the screen and type the following address on the Gateway connectivity field:

Click on Test connection. If everything works fine, click on Save. Please note that the "Save" button does not show up before you click on "Test connection". 


Type your uio-username and password when asked. If you are not asked for it, tap on Account and type your uio-username and password.

To print something, choose the app you want to print from, and tap on the Share button. It looks like this on Safari:

Now find the EveryonePrint icon to print.

Alternatively, depending on your iOS version, you might see an option called Print with EveryonePrint. You can tap on it and follow the instructions on your screen.



Published Sep. 5, 2019 10:34 AM - Last modified Sep. 28, 2021 8:10 PM