Research Computing Services tutorial and courses April 16-18, 2013

The courses and tutorials are centered around UiOs computing facility - the compute cluster Abel. This is a national resource also available to UiO's researchers and students who have need for extra computing resources. The lectures range from beginner level cluster usage instruction and beginner level programming, to advanced topics in high-performance computing.  The lectures are aimed at scientists who wish to learn more about programming and high-performance computing.

About the Course Week

Twice a year, the USIT Research Computing Services (RCS) group conduct training for all Notur and local users. The event is free of charge. Please use the registration form to sign up.

The workshop will focus on the UiOs computer cluster facility Abel and related topics. The lectures range from the beginner level to advanced topics in high-performance computing.  We are presenting two new lectures on parallel R programming and efficient use of the RT ticketing system.  Also, for the first time, we have a tutorial for complete Abel novices.

The courses are held between April 16 and 18, 2013 in the Ole-Johan Dahls hus.

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Tuesday April 16- Abel for novices day
Ole Johan Dahls hus, Perl (2453) new room
Abel for beginners Katerina Michalickova Description: Introduction to the computer cluster Abel that is the principal scientific computational resource at the University of Oslo. The course is aimed at people with no background in UNIX and parallel computing and includes very simple examples. By the end of the lecture you will have a basic working knowledge of Abel and will be able to submit simple jobs.

Target audience: Users with no (or minimal) background in UNIX and parallel computing

Ole Johan Dahls hus, Perl (2453) new room
Slurm and Abel job scripts Katerina Michalickova Description: Slurm use and simple to more complicated examples of Abel job scipts.

Target audience: Users with some programming and scripting knowledge
Prerequisites: None

Ole Johan Dahls hus, Fortress (3458) new room
Hands on tutorial - Run a simple job on Abel for complete novices. Katerina Michalickova + members of the Research Computing Services group Description: Hands on tutorial that takes you from your Windows desktop to Abel and to your first job.

Target audience: Complete novices, the pace will be very relaxed and many assistents on hand.
Prerequisites: None
Equipment: The room is equipped with computers running the Linux operating system.  The participants are welcome to use these or to bring their own laptop.

Wednesday April 17 - R and Python day.
Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Java (2423)
Programming with R Bjørn-Helge Mevik Description: Manipulating data, writing functions and scripts in R, dos and don'ts. Note: this is a two hour lecture, and there will be a break in the middle.

Target audience: People who have used R or programmed a little, or that have taken the Introduction to R lecture.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of R or programming.

Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Prolog (2465)
Introduction to Python Miguel Oliveira Description: Introduction to Programming, What is Python, Python as a calculator, Tuples and Lists, Control Flow, Dictionaries, Input and Output, Modules, Errors and Exceptions, Classes. Bring your laptop to participate in code exercises. Note: There will be breaks.

Target audience: Beginners.
Prerequisites: None.

Thursday April 18 - Shell scripting and parallel programming day
Kristen Nygaards hus, large auditorium

Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Postscript (2458)
Introduction to shell scripting Thomas Röblitz Description: Very first steps; what (shell) scripting is useful for, invocation, variables, if-then-else. loops, expansion and a few tricks.

Target audience: never done shell scripting before ;)
Prerequisites: knowledge of one other programming language

Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Logo (2438)
Getting help - guide to the ticketing system Thomas Röblitz Description: How to communicate with our help desk the most efficient way.

Target audience: All
Prerequisites: None

Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Logo (2438)
Parallel programming with R Bjørn-Helge Mevik Description: An introduction to R's recently added features for parallel programming.

Target audience: People who have done some programming in R.
Prerequisites: Can program in R (or, with a little extra effort, in some other language).

Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Logo (2438)
Parallel programming and the best practices on Abel Ole Widar Saastad Description: MPI and OpenMP on Abel with examples.

Target audience: Abel users wishing to learn more about parallel programming
Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Unix

Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Logo (2438)
Cluster performance, how to get most out of Abel Ole Widar Saastad Description:Learn to use Abel in the most efficient way. Including GPUs.

Target audience: Abel users
Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Abel


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