Bioint01 is an AMD EPYC 7501 128-Core Processor and 130 GB of memory.

Getting access

Send an e-mail to and ask to be given access to Inform of your UiO username. We need to manually add you to the system.

Logging In

Once access is arranged by hpc-drift, you log into the machine using Secure Shell (SSH) in a terminal.  SSH login is available natively to Linux or Mac OSX (or any UNIX-based systems). On Windows machines an SSH client is needed, for example, PuTTY.


To log in you need to issue the command

ssh <username>

Limits on memory and number of processes

To avoid a user freezing up the system due to out-of-memory issues or otherwise hugging all the resources for him/herself we have enforced the following limits:

  • - has in total 130 GB memory and 128 threads
  • Each user can only use max 80 GB memory and 100 processes as a hard limit.

Local storage

Home directories are mounted via NFS, but for efficiency bioint01 also has a 7.3 TB disk mounted on /work as a scratch area.



How to activate qiime:

source /opt/anaconda3/conda.start
conda activate /opt/anaconda3/env/qiime2/2021.8