Portals for easy access to HPC


Through Lifeportal users get easy access to HPC resources for the life sciences. All users with FEIDE-access can use up to 200 CPU hours for free. If you need more CPU hours, you need to apply to get an allocation. 

Language Analysis Portal (LAP)

Through LAP language scientists and Language Technology researchers can access HPC resources tuned to their needs. Use is by application. LAP is a part of the CLARINO initiative for language resources and language technology infrastructure. 


The Geoportal is a portal which gives customized access to HPC resources for geosciences researchers and students. The Geoportal is in pilot and not open for widespread use. 

If you have inquiries about the Geoportal, please contact the geoscienses IT operations group

TSD (Services for Sensitive Data)

TSD is the developed at the UiO and is the university's service for the collection, storage and processing of data designated as "sensitive" in Norwegian privacy legislation. TSD has its own supercomputing cluster, Colossus.