Job Types on Fox

Fox is designed to run serial and small ("narrow") parallel jobs, in addition to GPU jobs. If you need to run "wider" parallel jobs, the national clusters is a better choice.

The basic allocation units on Fox are cpu, memory and GPU. For jobs that don't request GPUs or much memory, the "billing units" below are simply the number of cpus the job requests. For other jobs, see Projects and Accounting for how the units are calculated.

There are three types of jobs on Fox, for different needs:

Name Description Job limits Max walltime Priority
normal default job type 1--128 units 5 days normal
accel jobs needing GPUs 1--128 units 7 days normal
devel development jobs (compiling, testing)[^1] 1--32 units 2 hours high

In this setting, we do not differentiate between batch and interactive jobs -- all of the above job types can be either.


This is the default job type. Most jobs are normal jobs.


Accel jobs give access to use the GPUs.

Can be combined with --qos=devel to get higher priority but maximum wall time (2h) and resource limits of devel apply.


This is meant for small, short development or test jobs. Devel jobs get higher priority for them to run as soon as possible. On the other hand, there are limits on the size and number of devel jobs.

Can be combined with --partition=accel.

If you have temporary development needs that cannot be fulfilled by the devel or short job types, please contact us at


[^1]: It is possible to combine devel with accel.

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