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About TSD

The TSD – Service for Sensitive Data, is a platform for collecting, storing, analyzing and sharing sensitive data in compliance with the norwegian privacy regulation.

TSD is used by researchers working at UiO and in other public research institutions (the UH-sector, universities, hospitals etc.). The TSD is primarily an IT-platform for research even if in some cases it is used for clinical research and commercial research.

TSD is developed and operated by UiO. The main bulk of the HPC resources and some of the storage resources are owned by Sigma2 and are a part of the national e-infrastructure.


The TSD has been developed in two phases; First, a project in 2009-2011 and the second phase in 2012-2014. The design and development were since the very beginning strongly driven by use cases. In the modern era of digital data, it is no longer possible to run research on sensitive data on local facilities, with limited capacities and no possibility to share results with coworkers. Research environments at universities and university hospitals has expressed a need for extensive storage space for sensitive research data to handle, for example DNA-data, high resolution MRI images and video recordings of patients.


The main objective is to provide services for collecting, storing and processing sensitive data. This includes basic and general services as well as developing new and tailor-made solutions accommodating special needs in the user community.

All hardware resources are designed to be expanded at need and available funding.

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