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Frequently asked questions regarding TSD. If your question is not answered here, you may contact

Project planning

What type of data can be stored in a TSD-project

  • Sensitive research data
  • Strictly in confidence, as classified by UiO
  • Collecting and handling such data that requires approval from a Data Protection Authority like REK, NSD, or Datatilsynet.

How do I get started using TSD

The TSD – Service for Sensitive Data, is a platform for collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing sensitive data in compliance with the Norwegian privacy regulation.

To register a project in TSD we ask you to attach the ethical approval, to conduct your research, either from REK, NSD, the Norwegian Data Protection Authority or your local privacy representative (PVO).

You can start the application process by clicking on this link.

Can I have more than one study in my single TSD-project to conduct multiple studies

As a general rule, only sensitive data and data covered by a single data protection approval can be stored in a TSD-project. Therefore, two sets of data covered by two different approvals cannot be stored inside a single TSD-project.

However, technically, it is possible to create a joint-project in TSD, but it requires that you obtain ethical approval. So, please consult your local privacy ombudsman (PVO) about the ethics of storing data from multiple studies in a single project. Once the approval is in place, you can apply for a joint TSD-project. To organize a joint TSD-project, you will need to create a folder structure in the project, as described here.

Do TSD have subcontracted data processors (Underleverandører)

An updated list of subcontractors can be found at the following link at all times here.

Can I use my existing TSD-project to conduct a new study

If the data you plan to collect with Nettskjema is already "covered" by the existing approval for your existing TSD-project, then, you do not need to create a new project.

If the information to be collected is for another study and has its own legal basis / approval, a separate TSD-project must be created for secure storage.

The procedure for creating web forms and enabling them for secure storage in TSD is described here :  Create a Nettskjema for use with TSD. 

Application processing

What is the price structure for a TSD-project

The TSD services have an annual price, and the price depends on the sector of the institution responsible for research (forskningsansvarlig institusjon), as well as data volume and complexity. TSD-projects are invoiced once a year (due October 1st.).

For most projects, our basic package is enough to start with, which includes:

Current prices in addition to the basic package are as stated here

For UiO, the basic package in TSD is free of charge.

If there is a collaboration agreement between UiO and the institution responsible for research, then UiO prices will apply to the project. In such a case, please attach the collaboration agreement while applying for a project in TSD.

Do I need min-ID (ID-porten) to register a TSD-project

Yes, currently registering a project in TSD is only available through minID-login.

Which browsers do you recommend to fill the application form

For the project registration, we recommend using an updated browser, e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox. We do not recommend older versions of Internet Explorer.

What kind of information do you ask for in the application form

In the application form, which you will fill as the Project Administrator/Principal Investigator (PI), we ask about the following information:

  • Your FEIDE username if you have
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your telephone number
  • Name of the institution that has given ethical approval for the project. (NSD, REK, Datatilsynet, or local privacy representative)
  • The reference number on the decision from NSD, REK, Datatilsynet, or local privacy representative
  • Name of the project
  • The end date of the project
  • The name of the institution responsible for research for the project (forskningsansvarlig institusjon)
  • Payment information

What is the link for the application form

You can start the application process by clicking on this link.

How long does it take to create a project in TSD

Once we receive a complete digitally signed application, it takes about 10 working days to process the application.


What do you log inside a TSD-project

We log:

  • copies of files in and out of a TSD-project
  • attempts for unauthorized access.
  • CERT at UiO continuously scans for malware

How often do you perform security updates in a TSD-project

  • all operating system upgrades are installed and updated centrally.
  • the Windows platform is patched every other week.

What security measures are implemented

  • the information is encrypted during transit
  • changelog
  • multi-factor authentication
  • access restriction
  • access log

Does TSD have subcontracted data processors

An updated list of subcontractors can be found at the following link at all times link.

Administrative tasks

How do I give Import grants to external partner in a TSD project

The Project Administrator of a TSD-project can give Import Grants to external partners who do not have a TSD user account in the relevant project. Use the selfservice portal to assign import grants

By clicking on the info symbol in the headline, you will receive guidance along the way.

After creating an instance, you can use the copy symbol on the right to copy the URL for that instance.

How do I add a user to my TSD project

1. The user goes to
2. Writes the project number in TSD, which you may provide to the user beforehand.
3. Informs you that an application has been made to become a member of your project.
4. Finally, you approve the application from this page

How do I add an associate member to my TSD project

Associate members have restricted permissions to access research products (data generated by project), and little else. They cannot log in to do computing inside a TSD-project. Read more about adding associate members here.

How do I troubleshoot when I am unable to log in to my TSD project

  1. Delete all TSD entries in "Google Authenticator" on your mobile. Feel free to take a look at this external link for the steps
  2. Go to
  3. Click on "Get OTP QR Code". It is important that you click on this link only once.
  4. Scan the QR code in "Google Authenticator" on your mobile.
  5. Go to
  6. Click on "Change password"
  7. Wait 25 minutes
  8. Go to and log in with the new password.


How to collaborate with TSD

We are generally positive to collaborations. However, we can not make significant changes in our architecture as this might jeopardize the principal goal of secure data processing. Hence, if the architecture were to be changed (for instance to achieve more convenience) that might impact security. Further, development that requires tweaking our system to accommodate your needs, will require external funding. We are funded by the state of Norway to facilitate scientific research. This is why our resources, in terms of cooperating with entrepreneurial stakeholders, are limited.

Please send your request to our administrative support team.