Handling Consent Form Data in TSD

Last updated on 31 January 2020 by Milen Kouylekov.



This guide walks you through the process of handling consent form data already delivered in TSD.

The delivery of consents is done through Nettskjema. In order a Nettskjema form to be considered a consent form it must:

The question should describe the consent acquisition goal (processing data etc.). If the consenter responds with yes to a question we consider this as giving consent for the question the consent is considered granted.

The Consent System is a tool that provides TSD projects an easy framework for search consent data and enables consenters (person that completes the consent form) the ability to view and revoke given consents in compliance with the Norwegian and European data protection laws.

Form Registration

The form registration is a process in which the project manager registers the consent form in the Consent System. To do that the administrator must log in:

https://p01-consent-portal.tsd.usit.no/forms (Portal inside TSD)

and fill in the registration form. (We plan to soon make this registration procedure automatic). Registering the form does not modify any of the collected data. Registration can be remove and re-registered at any time.

To register a form the administrator must fill in the following fields:

Consent Search

The consent query portal is a quick tool to navigate through consents. It contains a simple search interface for navigation.

https://p01-consent-portal.tsd.usit.no/query (Portal inside TSD)

Them consent question portal provides support for searching consents by: 1) Consenter id; 2) Minor Id; 3) Consent question values Yes/no; 4) Any of the reference attributes.

Import Consents

The import consent portal is a portal for manually entering consents gathered not digitally.

https://p01-consent-portal.tsd.usit.no/import (Portal inside TSD)

The import portal allows the project members to write fill in the required information in the consent portal. The responsibility for storing the scanned consents in TSD remains with the project administrators.

Consenter portal

The portal on which the consenter can view the consents delivered to tsd is :


The consenters can view all the consents delivered to TSD by any Nettskjema form in any project.