About Colossus

Colossus is the high performance computing facility at UiO hosted at USIT by the Research Infrastructure Services group.

Key numbers

Colossus is a cluster designed to handle multiple concurrent jobs and accomodate users with different requirements. The cluster profile is for medium range parallel applications with high memory and/or IO demands.

On Colossus we have also a DRAGEN node, a new powerful processor specifically designed for bioinformatics jobs.

Number of Cores 2176 AMD CPU Cores
Number of nodes 34
Total memory 17 TiB
Total local storage 4.6 TiB
Operating system CentOS 7 Linux

In addition to the new hardware, the old hugemem nodes with 32 Intel CPU cores and 1 TiB RAM and the Dragen machine is still available.

Manage Colossus Resources

How to get resources on Colossus and prices.

Use Colossus

How to start using HPC Colossus resources.


For any question regarding Colossus HPC resources in TSD, please e-mail tsd-drift@usit.uio.no