TSD Publication System

Last updated on 2 June 2020 by Milen Kouylekov.


The goal of the TSD publication system is to provide a solution for the project to share data with researchers associated to their project.

We have introduced a new form of project membership, called associated members. Associated members are persons trusted by the project administrators. Instead of getting a TSD user account, project administrators grant them certain project rights. You can allow project members (members with a user name) to re-register themselves and become associated members of the project. Registration and approval of associated members can be done using the selfservice portal.

This will allow them to use the additional rights. For example using the publication service. The publication service allows the project administrators to safely share files with the associated members of the project. The aim is to allow access to a specific file by a specific person.

Internal Portal

To share files with associated members the project administrator should visit the internal publication portal (inside TSD):


As with other portals in TSD, we recommend accessing this portal using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Access to this portal is restricted only to the members of the pxx-publication-group. A new group created for projects. By default the admin group of the project is a member of the publication group. You can add and remove members of the publication group by going to (outside TSD):


The internal publication portal allows the members of the publication-group to upload files to be shared with associated members. Once uploaded the file is stored into the durable/publication folder of the project.

Uploading Files

Once uploaded the files are moved to the published files table. The uploaded file should have a unique name. You can share the same file with multiple persons. You do not have to upload a file for each.

Uploading a file does not mean that the associated members have access to this file. This is done by using the share dialog accessible by the first of the actions buttons.

Published Files

The share dialog is where you determine who has access to the file. On the left of the panel is the list of people with which the file is shared. On the right is the list of all associated members of the project. The sharing is done by moving members between the lists. When sharing a file with a specific person, the administrator can optionally choose how many times the person can download/view the file and/or set a date after which the file will not be available for download. These parameters are per person. Setting them does not impact other people for which the file is shared with.

Share Files

Edit dialog is opened by the second action button of the published files. The edit dialog determines how the shared file is presented to the associated member. The project administrator can write a description of the file that will inform the person what this file is for and if necessary add additional instructions for its storage or processing outside TSD.

There is also an option for how the file will be visualized in the browser. If ``preview` is selected the file will be visualized, if possible, by the browser. Files that can be visualized are for example pdf, images, html files. Visualizing in the browser does not mean that an experienced user can not download them. If you want to absolutely restrict downloading of a file this is not the correct solution.

Files Info

Once the file is downloaded it can be removed from the published file list. Removing it implies that all the users for which the file is shared with will not see it anymore. It also removes the file from the durable/publication folder of the project.

External Portal

The associated members of the project can download/preview the shared files by visiting the portal (outside TSD):


To access this portal the user should provide a valid Difi ID (BankID, MinID etc.)

Published Files

People can access this while associated with multiple projects, so they will see a list of all files shared with them for each of the projects.