Video and Audio Files in TSD

Video and audio files can be stored and analyzed in TSD.  Here you can read about the tools available.

TSD declines any responsibility for misuse of the service, including illicit recording of the sound and video by unauthorized users exposed accidentally to the files content. 

Standard Tools

In TSD we offer as standard tools for audio and video analysis the following software (on demand):

  • NVivo 11 Pro and Hyper Research. Flexible software solutions for qualitative research including functionality for analyzing video. Can also be used for transcribing audio and video. 
  • VLC media player. Plays most video/audio formats. It also allows basic editing and conversions among formats.
  • HandBrake. An open source video transcoder. Convert, crop and resize video.

Please contact if you want to use one of the above software.

Special Virtual Hardware

For more demanding tasks we offer virtual machines with graphic acceleration through vGPU. Possible use cases could be:

  • Video analysis
  • Video editing
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animation

eVIR equipment and tools

The eVIR project uses virtual machines with vGPU for video analysis and video editing. The GPU acceleration comes from NVIDIA GRID K1, and it can be split up and assigned to multiple virtual machines depending on how much power each user needs.

The software that eVIR uses consists of Adobe Premiere Pro and Mangold Interact. Adobe Premiere Pro supports high resolution video editing while Mangold Interact is used for video analysis.

It is also possible to get videos recorded with VidyoDesktop, a video conferencing software, directly imported into a TSD project.

Tips and Tricks 

If you use any of the standard tools above and experience slow performance (e.g. lagging video), the video-files may need to be trimmed. For smoother viewing the videos can be optimized as follows: 

  • Get Handbrake installed on your VM
  • Convert the videos with and use these settings: picture size set to 720x480 and select «Web Optimized». Video Codec H.264(x264)


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