ID-theft: How to protect yourself when your personal data have been exposed on the Internet

It is impossible to get a full overview of who has accessed data when it accidentally has been exposed on the Internet.

In Norway we have several nationwide credit reporting companies. Credit freeze is a tool which lets you restrict access to your credit report, which in turn makes it more difficult for identity thieves to open new accounts, order a credit card or asking for a loan in your name. That’s because most creditors need to see your credit report before they approve any credit.

Placing a freeze on your credit reports will not affect your ability to get a credit at all, it simply proves that you are cautious.

A freeze remains in place until you ask the credit reporting company to temporarily lift it or remove it altogether. If you opt for a temporary lift because you are applying for credit or a job, and you can find out which credit reporting company the business will contact for your file, you can save time by lifting the freeze only at that particular company.

We suggest you at least contact the 3 larges credit reporting companies:

  • Bisnode Credit AS (former AAA Soliditet AS)
  • Experian AS
  • Evry AS

If you want to make sure you are covered nation wide you will need to contact all of the companies providing this service. You will find a full list of companies to contact on this page: “Virksomheter med konsesjon for kredittopplysningsvirksomhet”.

When contacting the credit reporting companies you will be asked to provide your current ID. We suggest that you contact the company to get a contact person to send it to rather than a general address. 

Bisnode AS (tidligere AAA Soliditet)
Elektronisk sperretjeneste:
Fax: 22 45 93 03
Postadresse: Bisnode, avd. Databank, Postboks 1419 Vika, 0115 Oslo

Experian AS
Fax: 850 20 218
Postadresse: Postboks 5275 Majorstuen, 0303 Oslo

v/Information Services
Postboks 4
1330 Fornebu
Telefon: 06500 (sentralbord) oppgi «Information Services» som referanse

Published Aug. 14, 2015 8:46 AM - Last modified Aug. 14, 2015 9:56 AM