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Synchronizing and storing documents

Synchronizing from a G Suite account to a local machine. NB! To store restricted (yellow) data you must follow the rules of the data storage guide.

Before you can synchronize from your G suite at UiO account to your computer you must establish a G Suite account at UiO. Read more about how you can do that here.

I am already a Google user with Backup and Sync

Many already have a Google account for private use and may have installed the Backup and Sync service from Google to be able to synchronize files between the cloud service and their computer. This service is still available to you even though you sign up for a G Suite at UiO account. If you want to synchonize both accounts you are able to do this without the contents of the two accounts getting mixed. 

Synchronizing from Google – Use Drive File Stream

For business and education accounts, Google has Drive Fil Stream which enables you to do the same thing as Backup and Sync, but more suited to your business account. This also includes synchronizing all your Team Drive Folders (shared file directory in G Suite).


Download Drive File Stream for synchronization here.

NB! Drive File Stream demands administrator rights on your computer. If you do not have administrator rights, contact local IT. Work is currently being done to make Drive File Stream available via Software Center, thus no longer needing administrator rights.

You do not need to uninstall Backup and Sync if you already have it, only if your account id (e-mail address) is the same as the one you have on G Suite at UiO.

Stop synchronizing

Go to this google guide to read more about stopping synchronizing or pausing it here.

Troubleshooting when files are not being synchronized

Sometimes the files just won't transfer. Go to this Google page to understand why your files are not being synchronized.

File Stream Drive on your phone

Both File Stream Drive and Backup and Sync is for computers only. If you want to synchronize with your phone you have to activate your G Suite account on your phone or other mobile devices. Read more about it here.

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