Office 365 on Linux

On Linux, you can't install the Office applications and the OneDrive app direktly on your computer, bur you can still use Office online and your OneDrive from your browser. Officialy supported browsers are Firefox and Chrome, but do try your favourite. It works with quite a few more. Se also Microsoft's web page for supported browsers.

Here is how to use Office 365 from Linux:

  1. Give your consent to the terms of use for Office 365 at the UiO. 
  2. When you receive an e-mail saying that your consent has been registert, you can log on Office 365 from the UiO Office 365 page
  3. Once you are logged in you can use the Office applications and your OneDrive. You can share and co-author documents with other Office 365 users. Click the buttons to use the applications. Your documents are stored on your OneDrive, so click the OneDrive button to access documents and folders not shown in the Recent documents list on your front page.

Published Sep. 17, 2019 3:33 PM - Last modified Aug. 17, 2021 12:05 PM