Install on Mac

Installing Office 365

Hold on: Are you an employee at the University of Oslo (UiO)? If you are, you have the UiO supported version of the Office programs installed on your work computer. That is why you should not install Office 365 on your work computer. Feel free to install it on your laptop or private computer and devices. OneDrive is included when you install Office programs from Office 365, but if you want to use OneDrive on your work computer you have to download it separately from Microsoft's home page.

Simple install guide

Click «Installer nå» or «Install now».

A file will download. If your Mac is set to default, the file will download into your Download-folder, as pictured in the image below:

Double click the downloaded file to install. Follow the instructions.

If you are experiencing problems with opening the install package, push the ctrl-button while you click the file. Click «open». If this does not help, please consult the help guide on your mac.

When the programs are done installing, go to the «Programs» folder and double click the program you want to open.

To gain access to the program, you have to log in. Use your UiO username and click «Neste» or «Next». Fill in, where username is your UiO username. Click «Neste» or «Next».

Choose the option on the bottom, «Weblogin (Kun UiO)».

You only have to do this the first time you open a program in Office 365. After doing this, you should be logged in to your account and can freely use all programs in Office 365.

If you wish to change the default language of Office 365 you need to change the language of the operating system.

NB! Remember to always update when updates are available.

Published Sep. 17, 2019 3:33 PM - Last modified Aug. 17, 2021 12:05 PM