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Set up 2-factor authentication (2FA)

When two-factor authentication is enforced you will receive a message with the heading More information required when signing in. Follow the steps below:

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Microsoft Authenticator icon

Install the Microsoft Authenticator app

If you haven't already installed Microsoft Authenticator on your phone, go to App Store (for iPhone) orr Google Play (for Android) and install Microsoft Authenticator. Service phones enrolled in Workspace One has the app pre-installed.

Note: See the image showing the Microsoft Authenticator icon and make sure to install the correct app. 

Alternative methods for two-factor authentication

If you can't or won't use Microsoft Authenticator, or if you don't have a mobile phone, you may use another method approved by the Head of IT Security. See user manual for other approved authentication methods.

When do I encounter two-factor authentication at UiO

Read about where you encounter two-factor authentication at UiO.

On your computer

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your and click Next.
    Screenshot of Sign in to MS 365
  2. You will see to the Sign in page of UiO (Universitets- og h√łyskolesektoren), where you log in with your and password. Click Sign in.

    Screenshot of UiO Sign in
  3. If you are asked if you want to stay signed in, you can click yes. Next, you will see this dialog, stating that the UiO needs more information. Click Next to start the activation process.

    Screenshot of dialogue box: More information required
  4. Download the authenticator app Microsoft Authenticator app (recommended) by clicking Download now.

    Screenshot: Start by getting the app
  5. Scan the QR code for the iPhone version or the Android version of the app, depending on your phone.

    Screenshot: Setup your account on your phone
  6. Click Next to start setting up two-factor authentication.
  7. Open Microsoft Authenticator on your phone.
  8. If prompted, allow notifications.
  9. Tap add an account (+) and select Work or school.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Authenticator on phone - adding an account
  10. Select Scan QR code. Do not select Sign in here. If necessary, give the Authenticator app access to the camera so you can scan the QR code in the next step.

  11. Point the camera on the phone, while in Microsoft Authenticator, at the QR code. The application will automatically recognise the QR code and configure two-factor authentication.

    Screenshot: Window with QR code

    If you have problems scanning the QR code with the authenticator app, click Can't scan image? 
  12. Setup is now completed. Let us verify that two-factor authentication with push notification works by approving the notification set to the authentication app on your phone.

    Screenshot: Verify the setup with approving a notification
  13. Approve the notification that has been sent to your authenticator app on the phone.
  14. Your approval of the notification will be picked up by the guide and you can click Next.

    Screenshot confirming that the notification has been approved
  15. The guide will end with a confirmation that you have completed the setup of two-factor authentication. Click Done.

    Screenshot confirming that you have completed the setup of two-factor authentication
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