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Timeline for adopting two-factor authentication at UiO

Upcoming activities

  • Exchange
    • Activate requirements for two-factor authentication (2FA) for e-mail and calendar at UiO.
    • Activated: Enable 2FA for Outlook for Windows, November 14. Email is sent to all active users of Outlook for Windows the last 30 days. 
    • In progress: Enable 2FA for Apple Mail and Calendar for Mac, Outlook for Mac and Evolution for Linux, tentatively November 21.
    • Planned: Enable 2FA for Apple Mail and Calendar for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and enable 2FA for Gmail and Google Calendar for Android.
    • Planned: Enable 2FA for webmail (OWA)
  • VPN
    • Use Azure AD for two-factor authentication at sign-in.
    • Activated: November 16th.
  • Mattermost
    • Planned: Use Feide with Azure AD for two-factor authentication at sign-in.

Completed activities

  • Concept
    • Approved: Project description
  • MS365
    • Completed: Activation of two-factor authentication when logging in to MS365
  • Feide
    • Completed: Enable two-factor authentication in Feide with Azure AD
  • Microsoft Authenticator - number matching and additional context
    • Activated: 17 October
  • Remote Desktop Connection
    • Ongoing: Require two-factor authentication on RDP gateway
    • Activated: 18 October
  • Programkiosk
    • Ongoing: Kreve tofaktorautentisering for VMWare Horizon.
    • Information: Email sent Oct 6 to everyone who has used the service in the last 60 days. From 13 October, a window appears when logging in to Programkiosk stating that MFA is being activated
    • User guide: VDI med 2FA
    • Activated: 18 October
  • Microsoft Enterprise SSO plugin for Mac
    • Users of Macs owned by UiO (in operation) get Single Sign On for Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook), Teams, Onedrive and Safari. This means fewer logins with usernames and passwords, and fewer two-factor authentications.
    • Activated: 19 October
  • Self-service two-factor setup reset


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