Piloting: Feide login with ID-porten

UiO is currently participating in a pilot, or a trial, for Feide login with the ID-porten. This means that you can select "Logg inn med ID-porten" instead of entering a UiO username and password when logging in to a service that uses Feide login.

What is the ID-porten?

The ID-portent is a common national login solution for public digital services. It consists of several different known login methods, including MinID and BankID on mobile.

During this pilot project you can be able to use your electronic ID (e-ID) from the ID-porten to log in to services that use Feide as a login solution.

Read more about the ID-porten on the DIFI web site.

Logging in to other services, such as those you are automatically logged in to, will not be affected by this. You must actively select "Logg inn med ID-porten" during login to try out the pilot for logging in with the ID-porten.

To log in to services with Feide login using the ID port:

Step 1: Go to the service you want to log in to, and then proceed to the login.

You will now be sent to the Feide login screen.

Step 2: Choose your affiliation. Your affiliation is the name of the school, university, municipality, organization or educational institution you belong to.

Press 'Continue'.

Dialog for valg av tilhøringhet

Step 3: If you want to use the ID-porten instead of traditional login with Feide, press the 'Logg inn med ID-porten' button. You do not need to enter a username or password in the fields above.

You will now be sent to the ID-porten login screen.

Velg Logg inn med ID-porten

Step 4: Select which electronic ID from the ID-porten you want to log in with, for example BankID on mobile.

The next steps will look a little different depending on which solution you choose. Follow the procedure described by the ID-porten in your chosen solution.

Velg ønsket eID

Step 5: Once the ID-porten has authenticated your user, you are logged in and sent to the service.


Published Oct. 27, 2020 9:14 AM - Last modified Oct. 27, 2020 9:14 AM