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New student: Getting started with the UiO IT services

As a student at the University of Oslo (UiO), you receive your username in a text message on your phone. When you have received the user name, you must create a password which can be used in StudentWeb and other IT services at UiO. Remember that passwords are private and should not be shared.

Create new password

  1. Click the Set a new password button below. 
  2. Enter your username and phone number. Please remember to first enter your country code when filling in your phone number (+44, +45, etc.
  3. If you have entered everything correctly you should receive a text message on your phone with a single-use code. Enter the single-use code.
  4. Make a password.
  5. Enter your password again to verify.
  6. Your new password should be working within four hours of registering. The password and username can be used in StudentWeb and other services at UiO.
  7. Remember to register in Studentweb and pay the semester fee (if applicable) before the deadline expires. Read more about registering and deadlines here.

Set a new password

Have you forgotten your username?

  1. Click the Get your username button below to go to the username page.
  2. Log in by entering your student number or your national identity number.
  3. As a new student, you will receive a response from the website that you have been reserved from showing up on UiO's web pages. This is normal.
  4. You will receive your username in a text message on your phone.

Get your username

Register in Studentweb 

Some IT services are accessable only after registering in StudentWeb and paying the semester fee.

Go to Studentweb

Other IT services

As a student at the UiO you can use a wide range of IT services. Click this button to see them.

All UiO IT services

I'm having problems with getting my username or password

If you are experiencing problems with getting your username or setting a new password, contact your local student office or the user support service, Houston. If you are an employee at UiO, please contact your local IT department.

If you are a new international student, contact your local student office or Houston, after arrival in Oslo.

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