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Taking care of your password

Your password is comparable to the PIN code on your credit card. For your own safety, never give anyone access to it and make sure that your password is strong.

Logging in to the IT services at UiO is dividied into two:

  • Username: Not sensitive information
  • Password: Very sensitive information

Never share your password

Never share your password, regardless of who it is. Sharing your password means giving them full rights to

  • all the UiO web pages you manage
  • all exam registrations and results in StudentWeb
  • all files, assignments and pictures you have stored in your home disk
  • all your UiO e-mail
  • and much more...

Asking for other people's passwords is a scam

  • Never share your password in e-mails. E-mails that ask you to send your password are always scams! No employee at UiO would ever ask you to share your password.
  • Never use your UiO password on other services outside of UiO. Sharing your password to other services or businesses is pratically sharing your password with another person.

IT employees at UiO does not need your password to help you. On the other hand, giving your username (and not the password) when sending a inquiry to IT support makes their job easier. 

Sharing your password is also in violation with UiO's IT regulations, paragraph 3.3, about computer safety.

Published July 5, 2018 11:27 AM - Last modified July 5, 2018 12:36 PM