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See information on how to install and use Forelesningsopptak-2 on your UiO managed desktop/laptop, or how to run the service on VDI from you private PC og Mac.

Help with: Forelesningsopptak-2

Using the service from a UiO managed PC/laptop

If you have a UiO managed PC/laptop, you can install Forelesningsopptak-2 on your computer through Software service and use it to record the lecture on your PC/laptop. See the installation guide.

Using the service with a private PC or Mac

If you have a private PC og Mac, see the guide for how to record your lecture.

Editing the video

If you have the video on your computer, you can edit it before you upload it.

Old version of Forelesningsopptak?

The old version of Forelesningsopptak will no longer be maintained, so if you have the old version installed you need to install Forelesningsopptak-2 instead. See information on how you can tell if you are running the old or the new version.

Old version.
Old version.
New version.
New version.




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