How to do a test recording with Forelesningsopptak

This document describes how you can do a test recording using Forelesningsopptak-2.

How to do a test recording

  1. Start the Forelesningsopptak-2 application as usual and choose the correct course and lecture. 
  2. Start recording as usual, do your tests, and end the recording.
  3. At the Upload page, check the "Unpublished" box so that the lecture recording will not be published in the timetable in Vortex after being uploaded. Press the "Upload" button to upload the recording to Vortex.
    Picture of the upload page.
    Check the "Unpublished" box so that the recording will not be available for the students.
  4. In a short while after uploading the video, you will receive an e-mail to your UiO user informing you that the lecture recording has been uploaded. Click on the link in the e-mail to go to and see the test recording.
  5. Once you are done reviewing the test recording, you can delete it in Vortex.
  6. If you are not already in admin mode, click on your name at the top right in Vortex and choose "Manage document".
    Picture of going to admin mode.
    Choose Manage document to go into admin mode.
  7. Go to the folder for the lecture recordings, "forelesningsvideoer".
    Picture of the path to the lecture recordings folder.
    Click on the forelesningsvideoer-folder in the navigation menu on top.
  8. Check the lecture recording you wish to delete and click "Delete".
    Bilde av sletting av opptak i Vortex.
    Check the lecture recording and click delete as shown in the picture.
  9. Confirm deletion by pressing Ok.
    Picture of the confirm deletion dialog.
    Press the Ok-button to confirm the deletion of the lecture recording.
  10. Your test recording has now been deleted.
Published Mar. 21, 2020 4:21 PM - Last modified Mar. 21, 2020 4:21 PM