Installation guide

Hardware Requirements

  • A UiO Windows PC/laptop
  • The PC must be connected to the internet


The software is installed via Software Center.

1. Go the the search box at the lower left corner of the menu bar. Search for "software center" and open the application.

2. Choose "Applications" in Software Center and double click on "Forelesningsopptak-2" to install it.


The application uses the first available microphone in the list provided by the operating system. If you do not have a microphone, you could buy one or you could use earphones you also use with your phone - which comes with built-in microphone.

Post-installation checks

After installation you should create a recording to check that sound levels are correct and that video works as intended.

One easy way to test this is to choose a subject that you don't have access to. This forces the recording to be stored locally on your PC, where you can play it and check its quality.

Folders used for saving and creating recordings

The application saves recordings to `C:\Forelesningsopptak-2\` both during and after creation. A metadata file in JSON format is also generated for each recording which is used when uploading the recording to Vortex.

There are four sub-folders used for saving recordings

  • UnderOpptak: Files are saved here during recording
  • OpplastetBackup: A local backup file is left here after a recording is uploaded to Vortex. Please note that backup of uploaded files is only done on private computers, not on VDI or computers used by more people, e.g. computers in an auditorium.
  • IkkeOpplastet: If a recording cannot be uploaded to Vortex due to permissions issues then a backup will be created here.
  • FeiledeOpptak: If errors occur during recording, then the recording file will appear here.

Automated tidy-up

To avoid disk space errors, all local recording files will be periodically deleted. This is done automatically every Tuesday. If the job cannot be run (e.g. if the machine is turned off), it will be run at the first opportunity after Tuesday,

When run, it deletes all video recordings that are 15 days old or more.

Permission to upload

You must have the correct permissions for the lecture recording folder on the subject's semester page in order to upload lecture recordings to the timetable application. The webmaster (studiewebredaktør) for the unit should be contacted if you need help with this.

Additionally users must be a member of `uio-tils` or `uio-tilk` in order to access the upload server. In practice this means that you should be registered as either an employee or an affiliate ("eksternt tilknyttet") in SAP.

Upgrade to the latest version of Forelesningsopptak-2

When a new version of Forelesningsopptak-2 is relased, the version log is updated.

The new version Forelesningsopptak-2 is published in Software Center and will normally be upgraded on all the machines with the software installed the following night. However in some cases it will not be installed, for example if the application is still running, or the machine is turned off or not connected to the Internet.

In the case where Forelesningsopptak-2 has not been automatically updated, you can update it manually with the following steps:

  1. Start Software Center, either by searching in the start menu or by clicking this link.
  2. Find  and double-click on Forelesningsopptak-2 under Applications.
  3. Click the Install-button. Software Center will now upgrade the software.
Published Mar. 11, 2020 8:15 PM - Last modified Oct. 6, 2020 10:38 AM