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Quick guide to Forelesniningsopptak-2

A step-by-step description of how to record a lecture using this service.

Forelesningsopptak is available for installation om all UiO managed PCs, please see the installation guide.

For more details, see the user documentation.

For Mac and unmanaged Windows-PC users, see recording lectures on your private PC.

1. Start the application

  1. Log on the computer with your UiO user credentials..
  2. Click on the Forelesningsopptak-2 icon on the desktop to start the application, or find the application in the start menu.
Bilde som viser ikonet for opptaksapplikasjonen på desktopen.
Desktop icon for Forelesningsopptak-2.

If you are recording a lecture from home, e.g. a two hour lecture, we recommend that you divide it into two parts and upload after each recording.

2. Choose subject or lecture

  1. Choose which subject you are teaching under Select course.
  2. Choose the correct lecture under Select lecture.
    • You can choose not to connect the lecture recording to a specific lecture activity. By connecting the course video to a specific lecture activity in the schedule, it will be available for the students in the course schedule and in Mine studier. If no lecture is chosen, your course video will be uploaded to the folder "Lecture videos", but will not be linked from the web pages.
Picture which shows how to choose lecture and course in the application.
Select lecture: Here you are able to choose what lecture and course you wish to record.

3. Prepare to record

Pictures that shows how to start recording the lecture.
Start recording: Start the recording by clicking the red button.
  1. Ensure that the microphone is active by checking that green bars appear in the sound monitor when you speak.
  2. If you have multiple screens set up, choose which one to record. Open your Powerpoint to check which screen it will appear on. 
Skjermbilde av opptaksfanen med to skjermer.
If you have multiple screens you have to select one to record. 

Possible errors with multiple screens and recording from screen number 2

In some cases you can get an error message while recording from screen number 2.

Screen shot of error message.
Error message that might indicate you have a problem with using multiple screens.

Usually this happens when the scaling for screen number 2 is larger than the scaling for screen number 1. To fix this, go to Display setting by searching for it at the Windows-button at the left bottom of the screen. Make sure screen number 2 does not have larger scaling than screen number 1.

Skjermbilde av Display-menyen i Windows.
In the Display settings menu you can check the scaling set for screen number 1 and screen number 2. Make sure screen number 2 does not have larger scaling than screen number 1.

How to include a video of yourself using the Windows application Camera

If you want, you can include a video of yourself in the recording using the Windows application Camera. See instructions below on how to do this.

  1. Find the application Camera in Windows using the search field at the bottom of the desktop searching for camera.
  2. Open Camera and adjust the width to use a proper amount of space on the desktop. Set Camera in video mode, but do not start recording a video with the Camera application.
  3. Open the powerpoint for the lecture and adjust so Powerpoint takes up the rest of the desktop.
  4. In the Powerpoint menu Slide show choose Set up slide show and select Browsed by an individual (window) under Show type
    Picture of Powerpoint, how to adjust the presentation.
    Under Slide show -> Set up slide show you can adjust how much of the desktop the presentation should use.


  5. Prepare your powerpoint by starting the slide show.
  6. You are now ready for a lecture recording including a video of yourself.
Picture of camera and powerpoint next to each other.
An example of how it can look when you have Camera og Powerpoint side by side.

4. Record the lecture

Click the red button to start recording the lecture. Once you have clicked the button, your screen and the sound from the microphone will start recording. The application is minimized and will be available to you from the task bar on the bottom of your screen or from a minimized menu. Here you can pause, continue or stop the recording.

Picture that shows the "pause" and "stop" buttons in the application.
When the recording has started, you are able to pause or stop the recording.
Picture that shows the "continue" and "stop" buttons in the application.
When the recording is paused, you are able to continue or stop the recording.

5. Stop recording

When you are done recording, click the stop button.

Picture of a pop up box that appears when you click the "stop" button.
Pop-up box that appears after you have clicked the stop button. Choose Upload to continue to the upload site or choose Continue recording if you want to continue recording.

6. Upload recording to the schedule

Press Upload to upload the video to the course page. If you want to change the title of the recording, do that before pressing upload, in the field Title recording.

Picture that shows the page you get to when clicking the "Upload recording" tab.
On the upload page, you can change the title of the lecture and choose if you want to upload it published or unpublished.


Once you have clicked the Upload button, you will get status information about the upload.

Picture that shows the progress of a recording being uploaded to Vortex.
The recording is uploaded and you can choose between starting a new recording or exiting the application.

Please note that if you are recording from home, uploading might take longer time than what is estimated in the uploading window. The recording is still being uploaded, so please wait until you get the message that uploading is finished.

7. After the upload

Once the upload is finished, you will receive an e-mail to your UiO user with information about where the recording has been uploaded and whether it is published or unpublished.

Once the recording has been uploaded, it will be availabe in a folder, Lecture recordings on the semester page. If you have connected it to a lecture activity, it will be available in the course schedule at the semester page and it will also be available to the students through Mine studier.

If you upload more than one lecture recording to the same slot in the schedule, they will be ordered by title.

You may also upload recordings to the semester page using the Upload course videos application.

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