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Quick guide

This document gives you a step-by-step description of how to record a lecture using this service.

Start the application

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to your own UiO user on the computer in the auditorium.
  2. Please ensure that display is set to maximum 100% and that screen resolution is at maximum 1920 x 1080.
  3. Click on the "Forelesningsopptak" icon on the desktop to start the application, or find the application in the start menu.

Choose subject or lecture

  1. Choose which subject you are teaching under "Select course".
  2. Choose the correct lecture under "Select lecture"
    Picture which shows how to choose lecture and course in the application.
    Figure 2: "Select lecture": Here you are able to choose what lecture and course you wish to record.

Recording a lecture

  1. Click the red button to start recording the lecture (see figure 3). Once you have clicked the button, your screen and the sound from the microphone will start recording. The application is minimized and will be available to you from the task bar on the bottom of your screen or from a minimized menu. Here you can pause, continue or stop the recording (figure 4 and 5).
Pictures that shows how to start recording the lecture.
Figure 3: "Start recording": Start the recording by clicking the big red button.


Picture that shows the "pause" and "stop" buttons in the application.
Figure 4: When the recording has started, you are able to pause or stop the recording.
Picture that shows the "resume" and "stop" buttons in the application.
Figure 5: If you pause the recording, you can either resume or stop it.
  1. When you are done recording, click the stop button.
Picture of a pop up box that appears when you click the "stop" button.
Figure 6: Pop up box that appears after you have clicked the "stop" button. Choose "Yes" to continue to the upload site or choose "No" if you want to continue recording.

Uploading recordings to the timetable

Pictures that shows the page you get to when clicking the "Upload recording" tab.
Figure 7: When you are done recording the lecture, it has to be uploaded to the web pages. On this page, you can change the title of the lecture and choose if you want to upload it published or unpublished.

Changing the title of a recording

Before the recording is uploaded you can change the title of the recording (see figure 9). The title is the name of the link of the recording that will appear in the timetable on the semester page.

Upload published/unpublished

You can choose whether to upload the recording published or unpublished on the semester page (see figure 9). If the recording is published, it will be available in the timetable from the moment it is uploaded. If the recording is uploaded unpublished, it will not be available in the timetable until it is published. Access to the recordings is managed by the rights in the Vortex folder.

Uploading the recording

Click "Upload" to upload the recording to the semester page.'


Once you have clicked the "Upload" button, you will get status information about the upload.

Picture that shows the progress of a recording being uploaded to Vortex.
Figure 8: The recording is uploaded and you can choose between starting a new recording or exiting the application.

After the upload

Once the upload is finished, you will receive an e-mail to your UiO user with information about where the recording has been uploaded and whether it is published or unpublished.

Once the recording has been published, it will be availabe in a folder, "Lecture recordings" on the semester page. Based on the date of the lecture, the recording will be uploaded to the course timetable.

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