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Recording lectures on your private PC or Mac

Do you need to record lectures from you private PC or Mac? Get access to Forelesningsopptak via VMware Horizon Client.

This walkthrough is for Mac-users, or those who have a Windows-PC that is not managed by UiO. If your Windows-PC is managed by UiO you can install Forelesningsopptak directly on your computer via Software Center.

1. Connect to a virtual machine

  1. In order to connect to a virtual machine you need the VMware Horizon Client software. If you do not already have VMware Horizon Client installed you can download it.
  2. Open the downloaded installation file and follow the instructions to install the software.
  3. Start VMware Horizon Client. You will find it in the start menu on your Windows computer, or in the Applications folder on your Mac.
  4. The first time you run VMware Horizon Client you need to connect to UiO's server.
    • Click "Add Server"
      Screenshot of add server screen in VMware Horizon
    • Enter "" into the text field in the pop up window and click "connect"
      Screenshot of server adress input in VMware Horizon
    • Log in with your UiO-username and password.
      Screenshot of login screen in VMware Horizon
    • If the software offers you to add shortcuts, you can simply answer "No" on Windows or "Cancel" if you are on a Mac.
      Screenshot of dialog asking for shortcut creation
  5. Double-click on "UiO Windows Desktop" to start the virtual machine.
    • Note that this might take some time. Be patient!
      Screenshot of the main menu of VMware Horizon
  6. You are now connected to a virtual UiO-machine and ready to use the lecture recording software.

2. Start the application

  1. Click on the "Forelesningsopptak-2" icon on the desktop to start the application, or find the application in the start menu.
    Screenshot of the Forelesningsopptak icon
    The icon for "Forelesningsopptak-2"

3. Choose subject or lecture

  1. Choose which subject you are teaching under "Select course".
  2. Choose the correct lecture under "Select lecture".
    • You can choose not to connect the lecture recording to a specific lecture activity. By connecting the course video to a specific lecture activity in the schedule, it will be available for the students in the course schedule and in Mine studier. If no lecture is chosen, your course video will be uploaded to the folder "Lecture videos", but will not be linked from the web pages.
Picture which shows how to choose lecture and course in the application.
"Select lecture": Here you are able to choose what lecture and course you wish to record.

4. Recording a lecture

  1. Ensure that the microphone is active by checking that green bars appear when you speak.
  2. Click the red button to start recording the lecture. Once you have clicked the button, your screen and the sound from the microphone will start recording. The application is minimized and will be available to you from the task bar on the bottom of your screen or from a minimized menu. Here you can pause, continue or stop the recording.
Pictures that shows how to start recording the lecture.
"Start recording": Start the recording by clicking the big red button.
Picture that shows the "pause" and "stop" buttons in the application.
When the recording has started, you are able to pause or stop the recording.
Picture that shows the "resume" and "stop" buttons in the application.
If you pause the recording, you can either resume or stop it.
  1. When you are done recording, click the stop button.
Picture of a pop up box that appears when you click the "stop" button.
Pop-up box that appears after you have clicked the "stop" button. Choose "Upload" to continue to the upload site or choose "Continue recording" if you want to continue recording.

5. Uploading recordings to the timetable

Picture that shows the page you get to when clicking the "Upload recording" tab.
When you are done recording the lecture, it has to be uploaded to the web pages. On this page, you can change the title of the lecture and choose if you want to upload it published or unpublished.

Changing the title of a recording

Before the recording is uploaded you can change the title of the recording. The title is the name of the link of the recording that will appear in the timetable on the semester page.

Upload published/unpublished

You can choose whether to upload the recording published or unpublished on the semester page. If the recording is published, it will be available in the timetable from the moment it is uploaded. If the recording is uploaded unpublished, it will not be available in the timetable until it is published. Access to the recordings is managed by the rights in the Vortex folder.

Uploading the recording

Click "Upload" to upload the recording to the semester page.

6. Uploading

Once you have clicked the "Upload" button, you will get status information about the upload.

Picture that shows the progress of a recording being uploaded to Vortex.
The recording is uploaded and you can choose between starting a new recording or exiting the application.

Please note that if you are recording from home, the upload may take more time than what is estimated in the upload-window. The recording is still being uploaded, so wait until you get a notification that the upload is complete.

Missing access to upload recording

If you do not have access to the "Lecture recording/forelesningsvideoer" folder at the semester page in Vortex, you will get this message when attempting to upload the recording.

Message that comes when you do not have access to upload the recording to the semester page.
Message when you do not have access to upload the recording to the semester page.

The recording will be saved in a local folder on the computer, and you will receive an e-mail to your UiO user informing you about where it has been saved.

If you've been given access to the lecture recording-folder, you can click "Try again" to make another attempt.

If you still don't have access to upload the file, you can upload it manually later. Click "Find videofile" to open the folder where the recording is located. You need to copy the videofile to your home directory to make sure it doesn't get deleted when you disconnect from "UiO Windows Desktop". The same applies if Forelesningsopptak is unable to upload your recording due to technical problems.

Copy the recording to your home directory

If you have not been able to successfully upload your recording to the course website, the recording will be temporarily saved locally on the machine. To make sure that your recording does not get deleted when you disconnect from "UiO Windows Desktop", it is very important that you copy the file to your UiO home directory.

  1. By clicking the button "Find videofile" the folder containing your recording will open. Right-click on the file and then click "Copy".
    Screenshot of the Forelesningsopptak folder
  2. Find your home directory by clicking "This PC" in the menu on the left and then double-click on your home directory.
    Screenshot of the location of the UiO home directory
  3. Choose the folder named "pc".
    Screenshot of the contents of the UiO home directory
  4. Now find a suiting place to paste your videofile, for example the folder "Videos".
    Screenshot of the Videos folder
  5. Right-click inside the folder and then click "Paste".
    Screenshot of pasting the videofile in the Videos folder


Access to the lecture videos

Access to the lecture videos is determined by the permissions set on the folder "Lecture videos" (forelesningsvideoer) at the semester page in Vortex. See the "Permissions" tab to see who has access to the video or manage the access to the folder.

If you are given access to upload, you can try to upload again by clicking the button "Retry".


7. After the upload

Once the upload is finished, you will receive an e-mail to your UiO user with information about where the recording has been uploaded and whether it is published or unpublished.

Once the recording has been uploaded, it will be availabe in a folder, "Lecture recordings" on the semester page. If you have connected it to a lecture activity, it will be available in the course schedule at the semester page and it will also be available to the students through Mine studier.

If you upload more than one lecture recording to the same slot in the schedule, they will be ordered by title.

Access to the recordings at the semester page is governed in Vortex. 

8. Disconnecting from the virtual machine

When you're done using Forelesningsopptak you need to disconnect from the virtual machine.

  1. Open the start menu and click the button labeled "Disconnect VDI".
    Screenshot of the Windows start menu
  2. Click the plug icon to disconnect from UiO's server.Screenshot of the disconnect button in VMware Horizon Client
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