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Price list and payment

The prices for UiO internal customers are exempt from VAT. Prices for other customers include VAT.

When you log in to order printed material online, you select whether you wish to make a UiO purchase or a private purchase. Based on what you select, you will be given prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

The prices are shown when you add products and print runs.

The following are given prices exclusive of VAT

For UiO purchasing you give the UiO unit’s location and budget code, and you will not be charged VAT. This applies to:

  • UiO units and UiO employees ordering on behalf of their unit
  • Master’s candidates who are ordering prints of their thesis as department copies, and whose departments are paying for the printing.

The following are given prices inclusive of VAT

You will be charged VAT for private purchasing. This applies to:

  • Private individuals ordering print jobs that are unconnected with UiO
  • Students ordering print jobs not funded by their department
  • UiO employees ordering print jobs that are unrelated to their work
  • Company clients (including the SiO welfare organization for students, Oslo University Hospital and student committees)

How to pay

  • UiO units, UiO employees and students ordering on behalf of their own unit should give the location code and budget code when ordering. The cost will then be charged to the unit.
  • Companies can pay by invoice (invoice address and organization number should be stated when ordering), or by bank card (card payment made on collection).
  • Private individuals can only pay by bank card on Collection.
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