The ACT test

The ACT is a multiple-choice American admissions exam that consists of subject area tests in: English, math, reading and science.

The ACT with writing includes the four subject area tests plus a writing test.


ACT: USD 150 

ACT with Writing: USD 166.50 

When and where

See the ACT website for test dates.

Both ACT and the writing test are now only available as computer-based tests outside the USA. See here for more information. Be aware that there are currently no test centres listed for Norway.


ACT multiple-choice scores: available 2 business days after testing. Writing scores: available about 2- 3 weeks after multiple-choice scores are available. See the ACT website for detailed information


You can register online


The ACT website offers a variety of free preparation materials. Otherwise, you can purchase materials online from Tanum or Amazon

What's the difference between the SAT and the ACT?

Either the SAT or the ACT are required for Bachelor's (undergraduate) studies at US colleges and universities. Contact your institution to find out which test you should take. If both tests are accepted, then you can choose the test that best suits your application deadline.

The main difference between the two, from the coming academic year, is in test-delivery. ACT will now only offer computer-based testing at test centres outside the USA - Norway included. 

Computer-based ACT outside the USA

Computer-based ACT and ACT with writing will have the same format as the paper-based tests which will continue to be administered in the USA on the same testdate schedule as previously.

Computer-based test dates will follow the same Saturday testdate pattern, but will also include the Friday before the Saturday - as well as offering morning and afternoon sessions, increasing the number of places at each test centre. Be aware that not all centres will offer testing for all dates and sessions. The online registration system will update this continuously. 


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